How can we safely get our social lives back?

Join Bubbles, carefully and progressively start seeing everyone again.
Créez votre bulle

Create your Bubble

Add people from your close circle that you plan to meet physically after lockdown

(close friends, relatives, colleagues, schoolmates,...)

Log contacts

Manually keep track of when you meet people inside your Bubble

Bubbles doesn't share this data

Warn in case of risk

If you start feeling any symptoms, pop your Bubble to warn people in it, so they can take appropriate measures

They will receive an anonymous notification.
How does it work?

Why join Bubbles?

Bubbles is a collaborative, free & open source project.
It doesn't use GPS or Bluetooth, only data you choose to provide.

You're in control

Progressively resume
your social  life

Privacy by design

You know exactly what
data you share

Let's do it together

Collaborate for
a safer tomorrow

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